Summer Kickoff on the Beautiful, Prince Edward Island

When I was younger and began travelling, I always felt the need to travel as far away from home as possible. I had no desire to discover new places in New Brunswick or surrounding areas at all. No appreciation for the fact that we have the highest tides in the world, or the freshest seafood money can buy. It wasn’t until I took a girls trip to Jamaica, and asked a question to a local that clearly stated I was a tourist.. ( as if my pale skin and accent wasn’t enough) I asked ” when does the tide go out?” He was extremely confused and had no idea what I was talking about. I said, ” You know, like when the water goes out and you can walk on sandbars?” Still no clue what I was saying. We finally reached a conclusion that the water in Jamaica only moves in and out by a foot. At this moment I realised how lucky we are in NB to experience this part of nature, and I vowed to change my attitude and embrace our beautiful country of Canada.

Prince Edward Island aka P.E.I, is one of Eastern Canada’s maritime provinces, off New Brunswick and Nova Scotia in the Gulf of the St. Lawrence. To get there, you cross the longest bridge built over freezing water. The large island is known for it’s red sand beaches, lighthouses, fertile farmland, and world renowned seafood. Almost anywhere you are in the world, if you’re eating mussels, they are from PEI. Charlottetown is it’s capital and where our adventure begins.

After what was literally the most brutal drive over the Confederation Bridge that my best friend Amy and I have ever experienced ( literally drove 40 the whole 12 KM ), we needed a drink, ASAP. Amy had been ranting and raving over this cute café for weeks prior to our trip called Leonhard’s. So we headed there for mimosas, and a quick, light lunch. The moment we walked in I knew why she loved it so much. Leonhard’s is bright, quaint, and full of character. We shared the club sandwich of the day and a side salad, with a mustard dressing that woke up our taste buds. We were so in the moment that I forgot to take pictures (insert palm to face emoji). However, here’s a link to check them out yourselves, I promise you wont be disappointed.

On our way out, Ames told me to check out how cute the bathrooms are. Which led to the owner saying ” If you like cool bathrooms, go up to the beer corner and use their bathroom, and press the button”. Slightly confused, we said “ohh k?” and headed up to our next destination.

Just a block up from Leonhard’s you will find The Craft Beer Corner.

beer corner.jpg

Here you can find local craft beers, coffee, kumbucha and some cocktails. We were immediately greeted by a friendly face, offering us a beverage. Great minds think a like and we both chose The Rhuby Social, a rhubard infused beer.

beer corner 2.jpg


It was refreshing on the sunny day that we were so lucky to have. What I loved about this place was the selection of local beer, different size options of 6oz, 12oz and 17 oz, and that they also served other beverages incase beer isn’t your thing. We saved the best of this place for last. After enjoying our Rhuby Social, and feeling fairly good at this point, we headed to the bathroom to.. dun dun dun.. press THE button.

Immediately when you walk in there are two buttons, a red and blue. We pressed the red button not knowing what to expect. The lights went out, music started blaring, a disco ball started spinning and there was flashing lights and glowing neon patterns all around us. We could not stop pressing the button and having our own dance party. It’s a good thing that we were only on drink 2 at this point because I can guarantee you, there would have been no leaving. I will say that they should add another bathroom for the purpose of using the bathroom because we definitely held up the line, sorry not sorry. This place is a must see in Charlottetown.

charlottetown selfie

High on life after our dance party, and in matching outfits ( this happens to us more times then it should ), we headed to The PEI Brewing Company, which happens to be the location of my beautiful besties wedding next summer. She was taking me to get my official stamp of approval, which it did. The friendly staff allowed us to view the venue, where her reception would take place and things got emotional. Yes, I cried because I’m a freak and I couldn’t be happier for her and her Fiancé, who is the reason she is in my life. I’ve watched their relationship grow over the past 8 years and I couldn’t be more proud of them and their accomplishments.

We were pretty productive on this visit. We compiled the questions she should be asking when meeting the event coordinator, and basically planned the whole wedding while enjoying beer flights of our choice.

brew flights.jpg

PEI Brewing Company is located a quick 5 minutes outside of the downtown action, but worth travelling too. It’s a cool hangout spot for friends to gather for beer, food and fun. They have provided a couple ping pong tables and games tables for your entertainment. Not to mention a pretty cool photo wall that we obviously took advantage of.

brew company.jpgFor more info on the venue of events taking place this summer at PEI Brewing Company click the link below.

We headed back into town to end our evening at Merchant Man and hang out on the patio know as Next Door. Amy had mentioned that they have life sized Jenga to entertain our youthful spirits, but unfortunately it wasn’t ready for the season yet. We settled with Caesars and reminisced about our fun filled day and our love for Charlottetown. I bugged Amy the whole time to get THE picture of the day on this patio. The brick walls, hanging lights and pebbled walkway just created the perfect photo opportunity. Don’t you agree?

merchant man .jpg

We will definitely be back for fresh oysters, tasty caesars, and to play on the patio again this summer. For more info on menu options, click the link below.

In closing, I want to give a shoutout to Charlottetown for once again providing us with memories that will last a life time. The friendly locals, Character and Cleanliness are truly one of a kind.


We always have a blast, “Heron” the island… ( insert crying lauging emoji face, because I have the coolest puns).

Cheers to you, Charlottetown.









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