Catapult Coffee & Studio

One of the things I love most about Uptown Saint John are all the studios, boutiques,  cafes and restaurants it has to offer. If you simply go for a stroll, you are bound to discover something new, every time. This time I stumbled upon a new Coffee Studio that has just opened, Catapult Coffee & Studio.

catapult cafe sign      When I first walked in, the character of the building of was captivating. I love these old uptown buildings and what they have to offer and was happy to see they didn’t make too many changes. The high ceilings, wood floors, large windows that let in natural light and fire places give off the Uptown vibe that is unmatched.

I’m immediately greeted by the friendly staff, and given a little introduction about the place and what it has to offer. An employee suggests I try the Chai Latte, so I do and while it’s being made I give myself a little tour and explore the other side of the building. There is a long table in front of a fire place that would be perfect for a work meeting or if a few friends wanted to get together. This room also offers high top seating along the large front window. As I look around, I notice some beautiful handmade rugs and other knitted décor, along with a few wooden furniture items that are all for sale.

catapult cafe2

When my Latte is ready, I grab a freshly made granola bite, which can be found beside the cash along with other baked goods. They even offer dog treats! To my surprise the Coffee Shop quickly fills up. It would appear that word has spread quickly about this quant little place on Princess Street, and I can see why. Not only does Catapult provide a cozy atmosphere and great product, they offer a “rehabilitation” program for employees. Here people can learn the basic skills needed to operate in a customer service environment and have experience on a resume. Whether they choose to stay here or be catapulted into the public, it’s a beautiful program that supports their name.

catapult cafe mission


Above one of the fireplaces, there is an arrangement of images that show the roasters themselves, and the fields where the coffee is imported from.  The Coffee comes from Bolivia and Columbia but roasted locally in Hampton. The tea is grown and processed in Kingston. If you enjoyed the product, they have roasted beans and tea blends for purchase to take home with you.

catapult cafe1

Catapult Coffee & Studio has only been open for a few weeks now and is still expanding. I can’t wait to see what they do with the place and hope they add a small variety of soups and sandwiches to the menu. Then it would be perfect.

Welcome to Uptown Catapult Coffee & Studio, I thoroughly enjoyed my day here and most definitely will be back!

catapult me

Catapult Coffee & Studio can be found at 116 Princess Street or check them out on the link below.


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