BBQ Buffalo Blue Cheese + Arugula Chicken Burger

chkn burger 1

It was recently #Burgerweek in Uptown Saint John, which made me challenge myself in creating a burger. We tried 4 different burgers uptown, but honestly I’d have to say that mine was better then any we tried. Mind you, I played with what my taste buds wanted, so there was a slight advantage. I love blue cheese, and on this burger is went perfectly with the buffalo sauce that smothered the BBQ chicken breast #drool.


  • 4 Chicken breasts, sliced length wise to reduce thickness, makes for easier eating.
  • Arugula
  • red onion, sliced into rings
  • mild blue cheese
  • your favorite Buffalo sauce
  • dill pickles, sliced
  • roma tomatoes, sliced
  • mayo
  • Brioche buns, ( a must have )
  • salt n pepper to taste

chkn burger 3


  1. Rinse Chicken under cold water and pat dry. Rub with oil, salt n pepper
  2. Place on bbq and cook until 160 Degrees. Meanwhile prep your burger toppings
  3. Add buffalo sauce to chicken when almost cooked. Adding too soon will burn the sauce and that’s all you’ll taste.
  4. Before shutting off the grill, I spread butter on the buns and lightly toasted them. (optional but recommended)
  5. Once chicken is cooked, and buns toasted, remove buns. Add blue cheese on chicken and shut the lid on bbq, allowing the existing heat to melt the cheese.
  6. Build your burger with the toppings you’ve chosen. I add a little mayo to bottom bun and add arugula. This stops the arugula from going everywhere.
  7. ENJOY your yummy burger!!

chkn burger 2